USD Workflows for Linear Content Production

I’m exploring the USD workflows in UE5 to evaluate use in linear animation production. I’m interested in set modification workflows. I’d like to be able to load a USD set, transform some objects in the set, animate some objects in the set (using sequencer) and also modify geometry of objects (or copies of objects) in the set, and then save or export the changes to share - hopefully in sub-layer USD file.

Right now, it looks like you can transform and animate USD objects, but if you want to modify the geometry, you have to import the -entire- set first. It would be nice to be able to -pop out- an object or prop in order to modify it as a static mesh-- or possibly hide the USD object and import just that object from the USD file as a static mesh that you could modify.

Currently there aren’t import options to just bring in part of the USD set (based on selection like Houdini).

First, does anyone have any workflow suggestions for how to do this? Second, any word on new features of USD that might allow selective import of USD files?