USD - No UVs

I’m just checking the USD-Stage feature with some assets exported from Blender.
Problem is the objects don’t seem to have any UVs. When I check the USD file in Houdini, I have to use the unpack-USD node to have access to the UVs. Is there some checkbox in Unreal that I am missing?


Hi Thomas did you figure anything out about this? I am also curious. I can see that in the USD file it seems to get stored usually as [st] instead of [uv]. Not sure if this is interpreted properly in unreal.

Ran into the same issue trying out ue4.26 beta - trying both ‘uv’ as well as ‘st’ primvars. (the experimental usdGeomCache is pretty nice, though)! Wondering if you came across a solution?

Just updated to Engine 4.26 and I am now seeing this UV issue with all USD stage actors. Basically the meshes appear to have absolutely no UV’s on them. Did anyone ever figure out a fix for this, or is this just how things are from now on? :frowning:

Figured out a fix incase anyone else runs into this in 4.26 or after.

This post has a possible solution, just changing the “st” prim var type as suggested in the link made the UV’s work like normal for me. Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-100533)

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hello , ia m on the same issue , i understand now what happens but i dont know how to change that data? any help please?