USD Hydra Viewport.

Supporting Hydra viewport inside unreal is Very important for look dev and high-end rendering. Unreal is already supporting USD. And supporting Hydra render delegates is going to be a huge addition to the Unreal Community.

I think it is not hard to implement.

And do you have any technical knowledge about the implementation of Unreal’s viewport and Hydra? :wink:

I only know that Unreal’s viewport could be something unchanged for many years in Unreal. It works not only as a viewport for high-end rendering on workstations but also in realtime applications from mighty PCs down to mobile phones.
I wonder myself, does USD with Hydra is efficient enough for realtime viewports? Perhaps Blender already uses it for its realtime renderer? And how much effort would require to refactor existing Unreal’s viewport to basically anything else :wink:

Also, I’m no artist, I don’t work with Hydra viewports. What’s exactly would an advantage in the game engine?

i think there might be misunderstanding what i mean is another viewport that uses Hydra alongside with unreal’s viewport. i think it is easy because it is already there in katana and houdini… and speaking about how efficient is this in a game engine so unreal is no more a traditional game engine it is used across industries from games, automotive, simulations, arckVis and even film and VFX so it is an across industries solution you know?

Hd is a framework that enables the communication between multiple scene graphs and multiple renderers.

and again what i mean here is a new hydra powred Viewport alongside the traditional Viewport. :wink:

i love unreal and i think it should support Hydra somehow hydra doesn’t need to be a game focused Viewport as it needs to be a Powerful addition to the engine and the list of advantages is really big… as example :

1- elements in this new Hydra Window become USD that can be analyzed in the USD Tage Window. You can then configure and export the pieces as USD for use in other Softwares.

2- While unreal renderer that supports the USD Format. there are a growing list of HYDRA-compliant renderers for artists to choose from. Of course, RenderMan 23 is production-ready and available to use right now. Redshift & ProRender are also available. Other solutions such as Arnold, 3Delight and V-Ray will be coming soon.

3- Great for Pipelines.

Do you think it is not important for non-game workflow ?

Well, it’s viable to embrace industry standards into Unreal i.e. USD, glTF, Python. Especially that UE4 is doing well as multi-purpose real-time rendering suite :slight_smile:

I simply never come near Hydra hence the questions :wink:

hydra is going to be incredible it is like wow you know?

Just like the PathTrace view mode, if Hydra implemented, engine data can flow to any tracer in a standardized way. Then the tracer can connect back to the viewer and overlay the results on top. Renderer developers can simply make their software and forget about deep integration to specific softwares.

Some of the renderers are production ready, (for example, RMen, Arnold, Prorender, Redshift and future releases of other render engines), so the quick images they render out into the viewport may turn out to be better references.