USD Export support

Does UE5 support any kind of USD export?
We’re trying to port a UE5 scene back to UE4 for easier developpement, keeping a UE5 branch on the side.
I saw that 4.21 had some python libraries for import/export but can’t find them or any documentation for later versions including ue5.

Okay I just realised it’s as simple as file > export selected > usd format.

Which version of UE5 do you have?
I don’t have such an option in 5.0.3…

do you have the USD plugin enabled?

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Right, my bad… I thought it’s there by default.

Hi, can you post a screenshot of your setup or describe how you were able to export mesh and camera animation from UE 5 with usd export
We were just able to export static meshes

Hi, I haven’t tested mesh and camera animation on my side sorry

I keep getting permission errors (even running as admin mode) when trying to export a USD form Unreal 5.0.3: “Insufficient permissions to write to destination directory”