USceneComponent()->GetComponentLocation() not updating properly when launched as client

Hi, I have a weird bug which has something to do with replication I guess but I cannot understand, hopefully someone can help me and explain why this is happening :slight_smile:

I try to line trace every frame from a scene component’s current position to the scene component’s postion last frame. To get the positions I save via GetComponentLoaction() the vector in a variable every frame. The scene component is attached to a root component which is replicated. When I run as ListenServer everything is working as intended, all postions and line traces are working perfectly, but when run as client the methods for GetComponentLocation() are returning always the same position unless the root object has moved. The funny part ist that this code runs inside an authority check, so therefore only should be executed on the server…
I hope you guys understand what I mean, if not just ask and I will gladly answer all questions :slight_smile: