USC Architectural Flythrough

Hi Everyone,

Been working on this flythrough of a new building that’s under construction at the university where I work:

Working with geometry from Sketchup was a nightmare, working with UE4 was a pleasure. Pretty much sums the whole project up :slight_smile:

There are a number of issues with it that I feel cause it to not qualify as a finished project. I couldn’t figure out how to get the glass to reflect nicely, and the geometry from sketchup was basically demonically possessed in a way that made it impossible on some parts of the building to generate a second UV layout for light baking (I did try LPV but it just crashed UE4 everytime I got near glass).

I don’t have anymore time to spend on it here at work either unfortunately, but even at this level it’s been pretty effective for helping people understand much better what it is we’re doing in the new building, so that’s not too bad.

Lots of nice details that would benefit from LPV/DFS/AO etc, have you tried LPV with the latest 4.5 ?
Just tried to import a badly triangled/overlapping faces model that looks awful with lightmaps, but ok with LPV.