USB Joystick

Hey guys, I have a small project that I want to get started on however I USB joystick support, It did not work for UDK so I am hoping joystick support is native for unreal 4 though I guess it can now be added in.

support for games like flight sims,and… well flight sims mostly.


any thoughts??

I have a logitech extreme 3d joystick and also need to figure out how to do joystick support. I found this in the answers page where hilobird meantions using the console and the doing showdebug INPUT. This is handy but my joystick does not show up.

Has anyone got a none gamepad joystick to work?

It currently isn’t supported. I found this out the hard way too. :\

Don’t fret guys :smiley:

I have two plugins I’m developing on the way for full Joystick and HOTAS support that should support all joystick configurations and as well a Saitek X52 Pro Flight Plugin that will let you send text to the MFD on the throttle or change the LEDs just in case you own that device as well. They both work great and are almost community ready but I’m having problems getting them upgraded to 4.2. I’ll keep you guys posted and keep an eye out for my future post regarding these two plugins. Should have it potentially out within days but plan on them definitely sometime around E3 :slight_smile:

Also looking to hook up several joystick devices and use the axis, pots, and sliders.

I did try to use a combination of vJoy and 360ce to no avail.

Any ideas on where to start? If the controller isn’t an XInput device it’s likely DirectInput, would this mean we’d have to implement our own DirectInput handler?

Sounds great! Looking forward to getting the input taken care of so I can work on the control model in my demo.

Yea, the best place to start is using DirectInput if you are interested in creating your own. The one I will be releasing will have full access to the POVs, Sliders, Axis, Rotations, up to 128 buttons, you name it. It will basically give you access to everything DirectInput exposes through the DIJOYSTATE2 structure. No, you won’t need to worry about headers on this one aside from enabling the plugin. I would need to modify the engine source to expose it fully like a GamePad but it comes up as a registered IInputDevice. What you’ll end up doing is for instance within your PlayerController or Pawn Blueprint, is create or get the currently running instance and then you can use Event Dispatchers to Bind your own internal events to for when things like an Axis value changes or a button was pressed. No need for C++ :smiley:

I specifically developed these plugins for my new game but I know there’s a demand out there and that it can help others out so I want to make sure I get them out to the community soon

Dang, great work MCStryker!

I was hoping that they would be included eventually by the epic though… (with enough requests perhaps.)

Awesome MCStryker! I’m really looking forward to it.

Unreal’s choice to only support xinput is very limiting but I understand they are trying to take the easy way for cross platform support.
Maybe you should do a pull request for this so that you can get it included in the main branch.

Thanks, really appreciate it! Me too, I was a little surprised it wasn’t already in there. But it’s very specific to only PC users and not too incredibly common so I can imagine why it wasn’t high up on their list.

Awesome! I’m glad, and yes, I am thinking about talking to Epic and doing a pull request about getting this integrated at the Engine level so you can simply access them just like all the other input devices. Right now things are slammed. Between creating a business plan and prototype to start a new game company, my schedule has been really tight. I will be starting a YouTube channel soon to showcase how things are going and will also have some UE4 related videos.

The first couple vids however will detail both of these plugins on getting them installed to how to use them. Maybe if there is a demand and the community likes these, I’m sure Epic would show interest too and I can work with them to integrate them directly in. But keep an eye out, I’m thinking of getting things up next week around E3 or right after. Also unrelated but on cool note, at some point in the near future, I’ll be having Dan Mitre who is EA’s Global Community Manager on the Battlefield series and a good friend of mine on the show. If any of you guys are fan’s of any of the Battlefield games, this will be a cool one. I may do this one as a live Twitch event and get an open dialog going and maybe you guys can pick his brain about the upcoming Hardline game that will be shown off next week at E3.

Thanks again for the killer feedback guys and stay tuned! I’ll have updates soon…

Hey guys, these plugins are now available in beta form. I had my post up on the Blueprint forums but it was moved over to the Engine Source/GitHub last night and you should see a thread over there that I started regarding 3 new plugins. Just wanted to give you guys a heads up in case you don’t head over to those forums. I’m seeing if I can get it pushed back to the Blueprint forums but go check it out and let me know how they work for you. Take it easy.