USB Capture Card Support (Razer Ripsaw, Elgato, etc.)

Hello Community!

I was curious if there is a way or if anyone has a plug-in that can use a Razer Ripsaw (or any other USB capture card) into UE4? I know BlackMagic Design has a plug-in, but there are situations where using a USB capture card would be optimal and portable. When detecting the Ripsaw, it does detect, but fails to load it into the media player.

Something that can do this would be amazing for on the go captures.

You could try using OBS Studio and its virtual webcam plugin.

The benefit of the capture hardware though is that it doesn’t impact the performance of the game that you’re running, while OBS does since it’s running on the same machine that’s playing the game.

I did test a different capture device (Magwell USB Capture HDMI Gen 2) and that one works great with UE4 … the price tag is $300 though… thus the reason why I was curious about other capture cards

hello i have a question if somebody knows if razer ripsaw is suported with UE4. for live camera streaming in UE. beacuse if i pick razer as media it will show it but i get this error

LogWmfMedia: Error: Failed to create capture device media source: The data specified for the media type is invalid, inconsistent, or not supported by this object.

does somedy know what to do or some ideas thx for help in advance :slight_smile: