Usage of unreal

Hi, I’m rather new to unreal and I would like to know if the application idea I have is achievable as well as sensible for unreal. The idea is based on creating a type of animation studio similar to unreal. It will have multiple cameras that can be used to view a scene as well as a dynamic ui much like unreal itself but much more basic. This means making a base application and adding cameras to that, is this sensible for unreal and if not any recommendations on what to try? (p.s if this post is somewhat vague or not correct for the forums please say)

Do you mean something like Muvizu? That is built with Unreal Engine.

Yes to an extent, I need to be able to render and interact with multiple cameras from a variety of levels (sometimes the same one more than once) in one ui, imagine if you had two 1st person cameras in a single world at the same time as well as one in another. The issue for me is I don’t know how to do it while maintaining the ability to interact with them.

The best I can come up with as a concept is doing this in the application, the same way as animation studios (or ue4 itself) you can create multiple cameras in multiple different scenes/layers.