Usage of other content in my own marketplace content

I have a question about Epic marketplace: Can I use some free content of marketplace to produce my own content and sell it? For example, in my project I’m using Animation Starter Pack and FPS Weapon Bundle.They aren’t the thing of I’m selling but some animations and meshes of them were used in my own project.

Does anyone can explain it to me?

Yes you can sell commercial projects that use free Marketplace content. From the FAQ (

How can I use the products I’ve purchased from the Marketplace or Learn Tab?

Besides using them for learning, experimenting, or prototyping, you may use Marketplace products in your own shipped products. However, you can’t sell or sublicense Marketplace content to other developers for use in their products, e.g. via website or ecommerce mechanism built into a 3D development tool.

Are there restrictions to how can I use Marketplace products that originally appeared in an Epic game?

Without Epic’s written permission, Marketplace products created by Epic for an Epic game may not be used to create sequels or recreate, emulate, or republish those games.