Usage for Previz Cinematography

Hi Guys

So I am director of photographer and started looking for ways to previsualise how I wild light things in the real world when I would shoot a film, and see huge potential with UE4. Only thing I am struggling to find info on is how I could assign lights to objects, basically I want to create a library of assets with real lights and match their intensity, quality and so on. if anyone could direct me to tutorials or possibly project create like that would be awesome.

Basically I could design basic sets with lights and modifiers. Biggest hurdle is using either diffused light or bounce light, although I can see there is Light bounce so I can achieve this to a certain degree without having to go to a 3d program like 3dsmax but if anyone one can also direct me to any tuts, I’ve been scouring google for the 2 things but having not much luck other than the default docs provided by UE.


Hey Peter… did you find answers to your question about using UE4 to light scenes for film?