Usability improvements to UE4 editor

As a daily user, and UX specialist, I’d love to give some suggestions to make UE4 editor even better.

Here is a list of items I’d like the devs to consider. Some may be quick wins, some harder. Please pass on.

  • Keyboard shortcuts don’t always register when you fire them. For example when a BP node is selected, shortcuts won’t fire. Same with the 3D view, to build or run. Most often, it is required to click the top bar to then execute a shortcut
  • Tabs are non navigational. CTRL+Page UP / Ctrl+Page Dn would be a good standard. It currently requires the mouse
  • An option to force new tab in the main window would be nice
  • There is no close tab or close window shortcut (expected CTRL+W). A middle click on the tab or click on X is required
  • UNDO is temperamental. It will only work in the one window and if you hit CTRL+S you’re out of luck.
  • The editor settings for keyboard shortcut: “set as default” button is always grayed out.
  • Clicking in a BP node field such as a float requires a double click to select the full field and overwrite the value. Imho a single click should select the full field, particularly for numerals.
  • The open asset modal window is great. However if you type something, the first indexed element should be selected so that a user can just press Enter. Currently it does odd stuff, like if I type player controller I end up with GameHud(?)

Thank you for your time.

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I didnt close it, i just accepted my answer so that it wouldnt appear as an unresolved post. You can still post there if you have anything to add.

Other keyboard shortcuts that would be really nice to have

  • Project settings ie. CTRL+SHIFT+,
  • Editor settings ie. CTRL+,
  • open output logs
  • clear output logs
  • open messages logs

I started a thread requesting tab navigation shortcuts seven months ago(, I really hope they get on that soon. What makes it extra frustrating is that Visual Studio follows the conventions of software with tab-based UI, and since I’m constantly switching between VS and the editor I frequently find myself pressing CTRL+TAB in the editor without thinking.