USA Rebellion Game (near future police state/dystopia rebellion)

So here it is: it’s 10 or so years from now, US government has taken the course of becoming a full police state, main character is tasked with organizing and leading a resistance. Two concepts:

  1. Make the game an MMO where people who want to can rebel against the police state virtually
  2. Singleplayer RPG with open ended theme and various choices during the game, culminating in either anarchy, utopia like scenario, or dictatorship (emotionally stirring cinematic at end or chance to play out dictatorship, anarchy, utopia, depending on where development leads)
    Have the game include a backstory based on realistic courses of action that could result in such a scenario. political prisons in the same setup as ADX florence, (google for more info, basically a prison in Colorado that drew the criticism of the UN) and have countries supplying either aid to rebels or assistance to the US based on realistic views of countries,
    so I need level designers (basically a high tech police state version of the US today or portions at least), voice actors, a small team for pretty much all the basic needs. Platform will be either PC if singleplayer RPG is decided, and Android if MMO route is taken. I’m open to suggestions as to which to go with. I’m gonna be pretty generous with compensation, and am willing to sign contracts if you need proof I’ll pay. and I can help in most areas. I’m looking to use this game to speak out about societal issues and also as a way to unite people (and make money for me and my fiance, got a baby on the way) so if you’re of like mind, this is a great opportunity!