US sanctions on Russian banks

Hello, Epic Games!

Learned today the US applied new sanctions against Russian banks. In this time to the bank I use to prolong my UE4 subscription.

Could you clarify, do these sanctions have any affect on those subscribers whose banks are under the sanctions?

Not sure anyone can say for sure, at least until your transaction is declined.

I would suggest looking for a different bank for international purchasing, if only to save yourself future trouble.

In case of emergency you can always use PayPal + QIWI scheme.

Actually PayPal is not needed. You can just create a QIWI virtual Visa and just use that for the time being, and I’ve never had any isses with these. Last time I checked it had 30 000 roubles limit on international payments, but even that way the card will last for more than 2 years if you use it just for UE4.

Как можно задонатить через Qiwi в Fortnite ?
Пишит ошибку К сожелению к вашей учетной записи невозможно обрести оплату.
Как это решить ?