US $250 to help newbie understand Sequencer/Cinematics for making short animations

**Update: **

I’ve now received responses from three highly competent Unreal Engine experts and have scheduled a session with the one who contacted me first – even though all three individuals have amazing experience and skills!

I’m totally blown away.

For the moment, I can’t consider any more responses. Thank you very much for your interest.


This request does not involve creating any games or doing any modelling or coding.

I simply need to understand the basics of how to use Unreal Engine’s CINEMATICS/SEQUENCER.

I just need to know enough to be able to create several short animations for a non-profit study group I run in Melbourne, Australia.

Although I’ve read and watched many tutorials on UE4 Cinematics, I’m still confused and keep getting stuck on how to do the simplest, dumbest things.

So … I need someone who will answer my naïve and laughably DUMB questions about using Unreal Engine.

Someone who can occasionally walk me through the parts of the process/workflow that are stumping me.


I need a tutor/guide/instructor to help me understand …

  • How to bring a low poly environment (that I’ve already purchased from the Unreal Marketplace) into UE4.
  • How to bring several low poly animal characters (that I’ve already purchased from Unreal Marketplace) into UE4.
  • How to switch on, activate, whatever Unreal Engine’s sequencer/cinematics.
  • How to apply the animations that come with those animal characters in the sequencer/cinematic (so that several cute animals in a forest can be made to play out several 3 minute stories).
  • Put another way: How to add different animations together smoothly and make my characters move around the environment doing this and doing that … in order to play out the stories I’ve got for them.
  • How to use/apply cameras.
  • How to add audio (sound effects, music, spoken word).
  • How to render the film.
  • Point out and explain any other settings or tools you think I should know about.
  • Answer some of my very dumb and very naïve questions about using Unreal Engine in the way I intend.
  • Clarify some of the terminology I keep coming across but never hear explained – except with other terminology … which itself is never explained.


Open to suggestions, but what I think would work best is simply a combination of … text (for instance: chat room and/or email) … Screenshots when needed …

Also … it might be very helpful to sometimes provide a short video (even if its 10 seconds long) to demonstrate how something is done.

I don’t mind if you refer me to already-existing written or video instructions.

It’ll probably be something I’ve already read or watched. But since I will now be able to ask you to clear up points of confusion, maybe this time around it’ll all make sense (!)


I’m open to your suggestions. Will even consider paying the fee upfront.

My goal is to get this all done as quickly and as painlessly as possible.


Whatever you prefer.


I’m usually in Melbourne, Australia.

However, I’m currently in Ohio, USA, visiting my wife’s family for a few weeks.


Hopefully, you’ve read all the above and now feel this is an absurdly simple, straightforward project.

And that with your excellent communication skills and legendary patience you are confident you’ll have me using cinematics confidently in no time flat!

If so, please message me!

Thanks. Looking forward to hearing from you.

I sent you a private message.

Thank you very much.

I’ve received your message and replied.

Thank you for your interest.