Urskog - a relaxing and nature-focused puzzle game - playtest and share your thoughts!

Hi, this is the final playtesting build before we launch the final vertical slice version on the 29th of May. Help us make Urskog a better game by playtesting and provide us feedback. It is a perfect game if you enjoy a relaxing and nature-focused puzzle game. All is done in UE4, with a focus on lighting and stylized graphics and texture.

The latest build of Urskog is now available at https://plantus.itch.io/urskog

Explore untouched areas deep inside the forest, let meditation guide your way, and solve puzzles to help return the-wisps :sparkles:.


Hi, the assets looks nice but based on this video I cant understand how this game looks like or how should I play on it
I’d like to see a bit more :slight_smile:

Hi, thank you KhappaMJ for your comment! That is true, this teaser doesn’t show much of the gameplay. Please watch this newer trailer to get a better picture: Urs.

There are also a playthrough, though this includes spoilers: Chilling in an Enchanted Forest | Urskog - YouTube