UROBOROS - Bitcoin HFT bot in UE4

Hi all,
Some of you might know me already, some might not.
I just wanted to tell you that my company built with success a High Frequency Trading bot for bitcoin exchanges.
It connects to REST as well as TCP socket API on bitcoin exchanges. Check for orderbooks, commission rates, restrictions. Saves all data in RAM memory only.
I LOVE ue4 for its memory management, variables management, garbage collector.
The application works at 900/sec tick rate and is working on arrays with thousands of elements in length.
Working on less than 0.1% error, but to be honest they are mostly due to latency time on really badly coded exchanges and people standing behind exchanges don’t understand how a market should work.
There’s not much to show on the interface side so sorry for no screenshots. :wink:
We also use the savegame objects to generate reports. Multiplayer features and relation client-server for spreading clients that allow us to spam exchanges from different IP.
Already reported the “game” to epic games. As in second quarter we will most likely exceed the revenue required to pay the 5% cut to epic games, and honestly I would feal terrible if we didn’t. Even though it’s not a “Game”, I wouldn’t be able to complete so fast and so efficient this small project.
Currently with the author of LowEntry plugins were working on a Bitcoin plugin. The plugin will allow to use bitcoin eliptic curves cryptography to create wallet, sign a transaction, however also sign basically any bits string with a private key or verify any signature.
As it’s a private project I would like to check if there is any interest in integrating bitcoins on application level? Without apis. Offline wallet functionality.

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Hi, just signed up to ask if its possible to speak to you a little more about using unreal for the purpose of trading etc?