()->URL.Port not incrementing in GM Constructor

I have multiple dedicated server instances running on 1 server machine. I have tried it on Win and Linux instance. Also I’m pretty sure it worked at some point.
()->URL.Port stays 7777 in constuctor, and by logs next thing that happens is IpNetDriver creation which creates Port that i can use. But AWS Gamelift does not like tha and my fleet is stuck on Activating status

What are oyu trying to do in constructor with that port number?

Help! Deadline is nigh, it has nothing to do with GameLift. I need port before world is created

Register Gamelift port. It need to register gamelift process.

I know this is a late response, but normally I pass the port number that a server process is going to run on through the command line arguments in the server process allocation settings of a fleet, which is what is also done in this AWS Game Tech video. Note that this isn’t the only way to go about this. As long as you have some kind of logic to prevent multiple server processes from running on the same port, you should be good. Just keep in mind that there is no automatic built-in GameLift logic that chooses the port for you, so it will default to port 7777 I believe if there’s no additional logic to choose a port.