Urgently Need help testing VR Survival game Multiplayer

I need at least one more VR user to help me test the steam multiplayer in my project. Main features are in place including an organic build system, storing items, Ai, Physics based melee including throwing damage, Climbing, full body IK and more. Uses the Mordentral plugin and I give big props to him for his work. Graphics are made by me and are still placeholder but are along the lines of the style I’m looking for.

You can attach certain items to your body wherever you wish. Climbing is decent and enjoyable in the setting. The boar AI is surprisingly persistent although they are a little awkward when they fall over and once and a while lose focus or spin like a yo-yo after being hit. You can put put pineapples in the gray bags, the green bags have throwing knives (very large at the moment) and the black looking onces are armor pieces that you can place on your body. The only food so far is pineapple, (which you can use as a weapon :stuck_out_tongue: ), and the stem will regrow after being thrown on the ground. The trees will break apart into wood posts and planks upon destruction, (until that changes your gonna want to watch your head). You can lock a wood post or plank in place buy pushing a throwing knife into it which will allow it to be climbed.

Most importantly the sword fighting and throwing damage should make for some fun PVP.


Find me on discord.