[ URGENT ] Very Slow Download Speed

Hello Epic Games team,

I tried to submit a ticket but I can’t because no matter what email address I write, after I click on “Submit”, I can see this error: “Message not sent - We can’t deliver messages to the email address (email address) you entered. Please check your entry for typos or enter an alternative email address and try again”. I tried again and again, so, I found this forum the last solution.

I noticed a very slow download speed from yesterday and today is still slow on Epic Games Launcher Downloading Update, Downloading UE4.25.3 or Downloading bought items from UE4 Marketplace. So, I can’t install UE4. Please fix it! BTW, my location is Romania.

Thank you!

I managed to getting in touch with support team, but they can’t reproduce this issue with ZERO download speed. I found on YouTube a lot of posts about this issue, so a lot of people might have this issue, not just me. I did a lot of things, for example from this video: - but, with no results. I’m wondering when I will be able to install Unreal Engine 4. I hope soon since I already have a game on Steam and this will not be the last.

I can confirm… this is riddicolous…
and I am in Norway btw…

Eternal Download.png

Same situation here, location = Austria …

Impossible to download anything from the Epic Game Store, downloading games takes forever, if it downloads at all… very unpleasant :frowning:

Thanks for the reports everyone! Our teams are investigating this issue, and you can always provide additional details via