Urgent , uv map issue in ue4

Hi everyone

so I’m facing a problem where my uvs looks fine in Maya and substance painter but when same model is imported in ue4 the uvs for some parts of the model is not correct
this is my uv in Maya , the lines look nice and straight on the handle

this is when imported in ue4 using the same uv checker map , the lines dont looks straight or smooth

as far as ive noticed the problem is only in ue4 since my textures look fine in substance painter as you can see below and ive uploaded the same model in sketchfab with same textures and again i have no problem and looked fine


and the result i get in ue4

I’ve tried everything i could think of , deleting and reuploading , reimporting , deleting uv and uv it again , checking vertex normals , use fbx and obj and still same result , i cant think of anything else please help me out

this maybe UV precision , try these two things :

  1. in Unreal Editor , in the Content Browser and open the mesh , in the properties LOD 0 > build properties > Use Full Precision UVs . i dont think the perf impact is very large , and would recommend on all meshes that you can see up close like that , if mesh can only be seen from distance like in 3rdperson game then not as neccesary .
  2. in the 3d editing app of your choice make sure to keep UVs as close to 0,0 as possible , the further they are away the less precise their coordinates become

your mesh and materials looking great btw !

thanks for your reply
i tried what you suggested and still i have the same issue, im not sure if its the way i uved it but i think if it was , i would get the same effect in Maya but in Maya everything seems fine

my uvs in maya

after another try with what you suggested i was able to fix it , thank you so much !!

nice !

i forgot to add that need to hit the apply button in the mesh settings after checking ON “Use Full Precision UVs” .

in maya and other 3d programs it will look correct ( high precision ) , only game engines seem to use this lower precision by default i think they should change it to be high precision in ue4 .

if have a lot of meshes can select them and right click > asset actions > bulk edit properties to turn this on for all of them .

that’s something new i learned today , appreciate the help .