Urgent: UE4 4.7.2 Anti-virus picking up our Build EXEs

Hey guys,

We’re launching a demo with our Kickstarter Monday March 23rd (right at midnight into Tuesday) but we’re getting a lot of issues with antivirus software picking up our fresh builds as false positives. Does anyone have a confirmed fix? This is using launcher downloaded UE4.7.2. If someone wrote a fix for the engine that we needed to compile that’s possible but we don’t want false positive virus warnings to tarnish our demo and possible compromise our kickstarter success.

The only time I’ve run into that issue is with names. Some virus scanners attack exes with particular names. Bifrost was the one that killed me. It’s worth trying to simply rename your exe and see if it still get’s tagged.

Other than that, I’ve not run into anything.

Good Luck,

/ Kyle

What did you rename it to?