Urgent question of payment and license


first for all i would like to thank you for this amazing program but I wouldlike to ask you about the payment & license

I’m architect and I would like to use it for make some architectural presentations formy clients but I want to know if I will pay 19 € for get it


1- have I pay 19€and that’s all or have i pay 19€ every month for all of my life ???
2- what’s a kind of the license ?? is it stand-alone or network license ???


you can pay 19€ to start the subscription. That will grant you access to the UE4 toolset. If you don’t want to pay for future updates on a monthly basis, you can simply cancel your subscription. Of course, you won’t be able to update your engine and won’t have access to the sourcecode anymore, but you may still use it to create products and release them (even commercially).

The monthly payment fee is only for access to the sourcecode on GitHub and for any updates.
Whenever you want to update your engine version, you will have to reactivate the subscription though.

Check the FAQ for further questions: FAQ

thank you SLY … but what about the license ?? how does it work ??? stand-one or network license

If you are referring to the amount of users that may use the license: Only the one who bought it, which is you. From what I recall from the EULA, the exception would be if you were an institute like a school, in that case students are allowed to use it too.

I suggest to read the EULA (End User License Agreement) before buying it though, it will most likely answer all your questions. You can find it here.

This is also the wrong forum for UE-only questions…

Howdy abou3assi,

If you have not already looked at the legal terms, here is a link to the terms:

Also, If that was unable to clear up the question you were asking, you could post your question on our AnswerHub and we can better assist you with your questions.

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