(Urgent) Question About Using Vault / Jump Over In rootmotion

Good Day

awesome people of the unreal forums kindly lead me to the right path !!!

i’m working on Cover System using Kubold Cover Animset Pro and i work my way everything working more than perfect
until i reach a barrier using the Vault / Jump over animation (either Rootmotion or inplace) the player just go inside the ground and get back up
What i Tried :
i open the animation on maya and tried to stop him from moving up and down didn’t work well
i used Move Component to three of them push him up a bit forward and get him back to his place works but super buggy and each time i try it give different results if i try to do it on the side like 20 Degree on the Y Axis he will go inside the block …etc
i tried using Timeline by pushing him in the air a bit and moving him forward …etc didn’t work
i tried lerp combined with Timeline no luck

i just don’t know how i’m supposed to do it i saw a video on Youtube the guy some how looks like he attach his left hand bone to the Cover (Unreal Engine 4 - Root Motion Controller WIP 03 - YouTube) 1:06
my knowledge is limited and i’m new on Unreal so please be kind and help me out :slight_smile:

Thanks In Advance And Best Regards :slight_smile:

Update: that’s what i got for now using couple of move to component

Set the movement mode to flying when the vault starts and set it back to walk when it reaches the position you want.

Why you encounter this:
The character movement component when in Walk mode ignores the Z axis movement of the root motion.

Thanks lion ____