[Urgent] Procedural mesh - Spline problem

I got some problem with the procedural mesh component. I want to use the spline points to procedurally create floors (planes). And if I want to make a form like the picture below it wont work because of the fan type triangulaiton.
5f0725c8f39519c56dfb963aba852defabb3cc3d.jpeg Proceduralmesh_good.JPG

What would you guys suggest me to do to get the triangulation like on the “good” (delaunay? triangulation) one and is this possible with only blueprints?


Thanks in advance!

Why would you use a spline to make a plane? Best way is to create a vertex and then when you create a vertex you create the triangle array except on the last x and y value.

Sorry for late answer. I use the spline just to make “vertexes” so that I can modify the plane for my needs (it will be a VR teleportation plane) so its just a visual “tool”. What do you mean “except on the last x and y value”?

Hey did you ever find a solution to this? I have the exact same problem