URGENT: Need a good material/ texture artist to redo a nearly completed software.

We were tasked to create a underwater scene for a restaurant but for I think because all the materials were imported straight from max/ maya and it only looks good in the pop up viewer… when the main character is imported into the scene it looses depth. Thus we are looking urgently for someone just to touch up the overall look and feel of the scene + one of the main characters quickly. Please email me asap me@kahtat.com

Reposting: LF material/ scene artist to touch up an already completed scene

Hi all, sorry for reposting… we built an man made ocean for a client, which at the start of the project has requested realism and till the marmoset stage everything looked good. After going into UE4, it looked terrible and I understand that a lot of things plays a part such as color, lighting, texture, materials etc. We need an artist that’s good at these to quickly touch up the scene for us.

Interested parties please email me at me@kahtat.com asap. Thank you again.