[URGENT] Looking for Game Designer and Game Developer

Hi we are currently looking for game designer and developer to work on our mmorpg project. Interested parties do reply and we will get back asap! Cheers!

hey there, sent yourself an email :slight_smile:



@FilipeTessaro We are sincere in hiring people to work for us. I believe there is some misunderstanding.

Hi there. I’ve sent you a PM :slight_smile:

Do you already have a GDD put together or would the designer/ developer be working from scratch? Cheers!

@Ironbelly We have purchase the mmo starter kit from codespartan and we need developers to modified it.

Hello SI0vius,

Hello Evan,

Hope you are well!

I just come across your Job post for Unity 3D requirement for building a Unity Toolbar and would be happy to assist you.

If yes, I have 5+ years of expertise in Unity Apps Development and Designing and would find me as a best suit for this particular role.

You can even reach me out @ Skype- cis.norman for any further discussion.


  • Familiar with complete game development life cycle and traditional optimized development methods.
  • Experience in working with Android & iOS Games / applications development frameworks.
  • Experience in working with 2D,3D, Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality based Games and applications for iOS, Android, VR Devices, etc.
  • Experienced in designing casual, racing, fighting, shooting, puzzle, educational and adventure games.
  • Experienced in designing UI, level designs, game flow, levels, score and reward system, in-app purchase items (consumable/non-consumable), social share, advertisement and feedback system.
  • Experienced in dealing with 2D sprite sheets & 3D models called as. fbx models.
  • Experienced in Joystick controls.
  • Active study and research in games design and games mechanics fields.
  • Maintaining balance between project deadline and code quality
  • Adaptable, flexible along with good patience and time sense.



  • Experience with Unity3D Game & Application Development.
  • Experienced in Gameplay Programming.
  • Experienced in design, development and management software suits such as X-code, GitHub and Open Office etc.
  • Development experience in iPhone, iPad, Android Phones & Tablets Games and Applications.
  • Experience in Cardboard, Oculus Rift, Gear VR Based Games/Applications.
  • Experience in app launching process on iTunes store, Google Play Stores.

*If you have any queries or concerns, please let me know so that we can discussed it further.

Looking forward to your response.

Warm Regards,
Norman F*

That’s not what they’re asking - they’re asking about your documentation.

@ambershee thank you for that I am still new to this. Yes we have our documentation for the game ^.^