URGENT! Lastest Epic Launcher version is broken. Deletes multiple projects even if you only pick one

So, this happened to a teammate last night, and I thought he just messed up. But he swore he didn’t.

TL;DR: Last Update to Epic Launcher is BROKEN, do NOT delete any projects from it. Issue: Deleting projects from within the Epic Launcher (not sure if it’s random or every project…because I’m not going to freaking try it again) causes other ones to be deleted as well. They seem to be linked somehow. They were right next to each other when I right-clicked deleted the one of the left…taking out the one on the right as well. Sadly, I was not thinking and just hit Yes after the warning CLEARLY showed me that I was deleting the right one… So yes, I am at fault for just clicking through but my brain wasn’t as fast as my fingers were.

There is definitely an issue though if you attempt to delete one project and you end up deleting not only that one but the one next to it. Luckily for me it was just some random projects. But for my teammate, he had to redownload the depot…

Also, just noticed you can’t delete more than one at a time, so this makes it even less likely the error was user-related.

Just tested and it seems working fine for me. Deleted only the selected project. But, for some reason ordering for 2 projects changed…


Thanks for bringing this up Victor,

As we discussed in private the only way we could see this happening is through accidental nesting of projects. When you create a project in UE4 you are presented with a field to identify the folder that it will be stored in. If you nest projects within each other, you end up deleting other projects. We highly recommend having a unique path for each project you have in UE4. We are currently investigating ways to minimize the risk of accidentally deleting a project file.

Thanks again for reaching out.

Aye, but like I said, if it was just one person, I would be like…okay, maybe it was his screw up (or mine), but it was two different developers…

Not trying to shift blame around. Just trying to find the actual cause and solution for this.

There is really no way I could have “accidentally” nested projects one on top of each other (I have a dedicated root folder called UnrealProjects). It’s never happened in 3 years of developing, but it just starts to occur? And not just to one person, but two?

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How about to look up the folder for nested .uproject files and if there’re more than one - pop up an alert? (preferably with button that will open the path in explorer)
Also, would be great if Launcher moved Projects to the recycle bin and not removed them permanently.

this is a problem due to the lack of proper verification of marketplace content with regards distribution method. Allot of old stuff on early marketplace is still outdated and not verified. the add to project option for marketplace items still contains a project file. this will overwrite your projects settings if added to your project. This is so common, that after installing anything new from marketplace, I check to see if it installed a second project file. just delete it before you launch. should be good with one project file

Oh wtf…that actually makes some sense there, because that’s what I think the other dev did. I know he was trying to upload some new MP asset pack. I thought he had created a new project for it though and then migrated, not AddToProject.