[URGENT] Landscape Material Setup Lovecraftian Style

Hello there and thanks for visiting my thread
I am struggeling getting a nice lovecraftian atmosphere for my fresh bought Ships Graveyard, what I need is an environment artist who is familiar with both visually and performance-concerning materials suiting bigger landscapes.
I attach some reference pictures of what I have in mind, my main goal is to achieve a very dark and mysterious athmosphere like in the game THE SHORE -demo- by THE SHORE which should definitely influence your result in the end.
I aim for something desert-like with more grey and white sand while the fog around should have that green-blue-like mysterious shimmer, foliage should be mainly dead shrubs like the ones from Quixel and many small and big rocks.
Payment can be discussed via DM but I aim for smth between 30 to 50 dollars which means that also newcomers are welcome to try.
Anyways, the payment will be made after I`ve got a playable demo. I need to see if it runs well on my PC because performance is a big aspect here.

Thanks for checking the thread and have a nice day,