URGENT: JOB OFFER: Urgent Help Needed to Create VR Experience!

Hey all… don’t know if this is the right place to post this but I am in need or urgent help and although I am learning Unreal, I fear that I won’t have enough time to learn what I need to fix all the issues that I am having…

As I said, i have begun a VR project in Unreal 4.15.3 and I have reached the limit of my capabilities. There is still a lot that I would like to achieve but I don’t have the skill or time to finish it. I need it ready by the 10th of June. Very short notice I know! I am working on university projects developing the future of spatial experiences through VR.

My project is fairly simple. It is to be an interactive VR experience of under water particles. I have designed the particles and set them up in various levels in Unreal. The link below is a short very low resolution video of this. As you will see there are two ‘levels’ which transition into each other. The experience should last a maximum of 2 minutes. I will be making an animation to go alongside the VR experience.

What I need done now is:

  1. Set up the character so that when touching the particles, pop up screens appear giving information about them (see image attached)
  2. Make the character’s skin very slowly disintegrate (see image attached)
  3. Make the project compatible and functioning on android for Samsung Gear VR (it is very slow at the moment because of the heavy particles and I don’t know how to simplify the graphics),

I am having so many issues… i have finally managed to launch it on the phone but it launches upside down and very slowly; the particles are jumpy which gives you sea sickness and when I plug it into the GearVR the screen goes black and opens the occulus app. My start screen doesn’t work so i have to launch it without the start screen. Packaging it results in a black screen. My character’s crosshair is there sometimes and not other times and doesn’t interact with particles when I print a string of what it can see. I deleted the stock character mesh but for some reason I can’t put in my own atm… etc etc etc…


Is this something that anyone can help me with? I can send the unreal project via drop box or something to whoever will help me… I am desperate.

I am in London, so someone local would be best but not necessarily! I am ready to pay for services, so please send me quotes bearing in mind that I need it done so soon :confused:!

Thanks all

This doesn’t really sound like suitable for mobile, given its emphasis on graphical fidelity and heavy reliance on particle effects. What exactly is the reason you decided to make Gear VR your target platform?