Urgent issue, cant build lightning due to memory?

So I’ve set my install location to my E: Drive, have my entire project located on that drive, have my unreal engine located on that drive, I however have my Epic Games on the C: Drive (not by choice) since when I move it over to E: Drive it won’t recognize my project and I simply gotta redo everything somehow

Anyhow, now when I try to build lightning it gradually consumes my C: Harddrive from 28gb untill its empty then it fails the Build Lightning and my harddrive space is restored

Any quick tips or fixes for this? (I prefer to get it all over to my E: drive with 2tb left)

Thanks in advance!

If you are building a very large map or have a lot of geometry/textures/etc then it will use a lot of memory to build the lighting. If that’s the case, then consider using dynamic lighting rather than baked lighting. It won’t look as good but you won’t have to build the lighting and it’ll take up less disk space.

Thing is, I want it this way. I just want the space to be used from the “right” harddrive I want

if you move your project to another location or drive and want it to open normally through the launcher try to open it using the file location, not the launcher, it will normally recognize it’s new location and work normally from then on.

you should try this it should work & fix your problem. (again, open up project via file explorer)

If it’s using any hard drive space then it’s using the paging memory, even then you probably shouldn’t be building something that big if it’s using up too much memory.

and what @darthviper107 said - usually knows what he’s talking about ^^^

either it’s too big or you might be doing something wrong
(I’ve actually used a lightmass importance volume to fix issues before so you might have to work on your map some to fix this issue)

I’m most certainly doing something wrong. I guess I have too many meshes? I’ve placed a ****ton of trees everywhere, I’m really new and really bad at this. Just having a blast and messing around but I still want things to “work”

So I’ll try to fix that and reverse the trees and see if that fixes the issue, but I still wanna be able to have quite a decent amount of trees in my game. Can I set it to ****** quality while editing and building lightning or something?

Edit: Removed the trees and I get this error " "

I didnt have these issues until I started placing these trees and messing around a bit with the sky, but all I really did with the sky was rotate the sun to nightfall, and the trees are now removed

Lots of trees with high resolution light maps means you’ll get lots of light map textures, which means lots of memory usage.

Seems to me like you need to get a bigger hard drive, or find a bunch of other stuff to remove from your drive.

If it’s an exterior environment then you can get by with dynamic lighting just fine, it’s how every big game does lighting.

Thanks for all the replies and help, think I’ve managed to solve it now!

New small issue tho, can probably google my answer to this but might as well give it a go here


Why is my sky (horizon) so bright, its like this around the entire map. sun is set to 0 intensity