URGENT: How to Transfer Blueprint Project Between Different Devices?

Hi everyone, I’m in a group of 7 other people, and we’re planning to work on an Unreal Engine 4 game. I made a group account (this one) and I created the project.

Everything was going well, and I was originally planning to lend the 1GB flash USB drive to someone else in the group. I then found out that the projects aren’t stored on cloud. I searched for different solutions, but most of them were for C++ projects. Meanwhile, others couldn’t solve our problem. However, I tried to upload the whole project folder(s) to the USB drive but it was too small and it would take too long, when I tried to upload it to Dropbox, it too, would take too long. In addition, we are trying to move the project between 8 (or more) different devices, most of them being different OS devices.

Does anyone have any solutions? I want to get solutions ASAP.


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Quick solution?

Online Perforce host : Michael Allar’s Blog - Setting up version control (Perforce) for Unreal Engine 4 using DigitalOcean and Ubuntu.

Or something similar.

What?!? Maybe I’m just a little cranky or something today, so don’t take this personal, but between 8 game developers and a single 1gig usb between you?

This game you’re working on - wouldn’t perchance be an MMORPG?

Haha, thing is, we record more of logs then put in whole games. To put in games I would need to use my 64GB or bigger flash USB drive. xD

Thanks, but, If I’m not mistaken, it does cost money, right? I’m trying to find a way to not use any money when doing this. Although I’ll check it out, maybe I’ll get it.

No, apparently it’s an FPS. It’s working great so far. An MMORPG would cost us way too much money to host and we would basically get nothing out of it.

Lol No it’s an fps but i am planning to get a 64 or 32 gb usb drive