Urgent Help

Hey guys i know this might not be related to this subject, but i have applied to a University, and the University is asking for a portfolio of my best work that i have done… Sadly i just started using unreal engine 4 like 4 days ago… So my question is
If i make a apartment or something in Unreal engine 4 or like a house is that considered to be in my portfolio? and what other things should i put in my portfolio
Thanks for help!!

My suggestion for building a portfolio on a short deadline. Focus on 3 good pieces. Keep it simple. Focus on showing you are good at a few different skills. Scenes like these that are just a few different assets. Try to do something like koola’s projects.

I can only show photographs so u think i should create simple apartment exterior or interior and what kind of skills can i show them?

Not ue4 specific, but this is a good resource for portfolio design :

Good luck!

You’ll want to show you are good with lighting, texturing, and modeling. I’d probably do at least one scene inside and outside, and maybe something like a bridge/subway or with trees. Look for some nice photos and try to recreate them. Try not to get over ambitious.

Thank you so much guys you literlly gave me confidence and i have sketeched a house exterior design which i will be doing asap in ue4 and when im done ill post here tell me if it is good or no thanks againn and yea i will create interior design and a design of a bridge

In my opinion you could use Sketchup to get into school, UE4 is an advanced program that needs time to master.