Urgent Help PLS!!

Hello, I want to place a piece of paper on a table, when I press “E” while I look at it I want a texture to be drawn on the hud.

I was able to make the system where I can press E at the letter and something happens but I can’t draw anything on the HUD with it.

I could turn on and of a PointLight when I press “E” on the letter but I just can’t draw anything on the HUD.

If someone can post an image with something that can work i’ll be grateful!

My blueprints

It would probably be easier to do this in UMG. Start off with some basic text blocks to see if you can get it to work then move up to images etc. Also, what blueprint is using that Event Looking At Interface?

this may help. Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial : Displaying an image on-screen - YouTube