(Urgent Help) Can Not Place My New Structure

Hello, so recently as part of my mod a need a new structure so I duplicated the mortar and pestle put it in master item list and engram list changed the crafting requirements and also what can be crafted inside of it so I got rid of gunpowder spark powder and cementing paste then I put hide as a craft able (do not ask why it is part of my mod) I set a recipe for it , I then made a custom engram icon , the only thing I have not done yet is make a model/Mesh for it after that I went in to the Primal Game file and put it on the list of additional structures to place list , then I went into the game test mode the engram was there and I crafted it that part work fine then I tried placing it and it said it needed a foundation so I got 1 of each foundation and placed it down , after that the holographic design went green with no text at top meaning I could place it so I click once then it told me to chose a angle so I chose one and click again and then nothing happens it stayed in my inventory and did not place and so I can’t even check if my custom recipe is working because I can’t place the structure please help

Please help me I really want this to start working

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Please Help

I have posted this forum 3-4 times and none of them have had any repays that helped me

So please help me

Please help me

I am still waiting for anyone that can help me I can not progress on till I know this bug is fixed Please Help Me

The reason why is not placing is because your copy doesnt have a structure itself, Cooying the primalitemstructure_mortarandpestle wont just do it. Type on search mortarandpestle and youll see this file with an image of the mortarandpestle with a blue bar in it, copy that to your mod folder, go into structure area and select consume Primal item Your File name, ex: PrimalItem_NewMortar. Then go into the PrimalItem_NewMortar and set on Structure to Build(ex.NewMortar). You dont need to add the item to the master lists, just add the engram in the additional engrams list, and in the additional Structures to place make sure is pointing at NewMortar not the PrimalItem file.

Do you mean the Mortor a pestle 3D mesh thung

One reason it could not be placing is due to the “StructureToBuild” field under PrimalItemStructure for your item is blank. You want to put the structures blueprint in that slot (Its the one with the mesh on attached).

We cannot help you unless we can see your files, please post images of what you have done. Preferrably, your folder structure, your PrimalGameData_BP (focused on additional structures to place), and then the PrimalItem_BP and the item BP itself.

Also, there are multiple “” on skype, could you please tell us/me your location to make it easier to help you in that way?

first off skype is Crafting Cookie (EpicEssa) with a yellow logo with 2 c from united kingdom

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also i would rather i share screens with you guys instead of taking screenshot as it is alot easier

Hello? Are you going to help me ? If so when ?.. I can’t progress I’ve been at a stand still for 1 whole week

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Please man I need the help i want to get my mod done … Please

How to make a place-able structure:

  1. Make copies of your structure’s files. These are “PrimalItemStructure_name” from PrimalEarth\CoreBlueprints\Items\Structures (including subfolders, misc for mortar and pestle) and simply “name” from PrimalEarth\Structures. If the structure has an inventory with crafting, you also need to make a copy of the “PrimalInventoryBP_name” from PrimalEarth\Inventories.
  2. In the PrimalItem, find “structure to build” and set it to your custom structure. In the structure, find “consumes primal item” and set it to your custom primal item. Also in the structure, go to the component tab, delete the default inventory and add your custom one - where applicable.
  3. Open your PrimalGameData and add your structure to “additional structures to build”.
  4. If you want to map custom recipes for your structure, you’ll have to not only add them as craftables (just see the default ones for example on how to do this), but create appropriate engrams and add them to “additional structure engrams” in PrimalGameData.

It should work, but I hadn’t tested this in full (in #4, I remapped recipes rather than added new ones).

Thanks , I’ll try this out tomorrow morning and I’ll reply here to tell you my progress

OMG man you are a god send… I was missing step 3 … that’s the only thing that was keeping me from doing it thank you so MUCH!