URGENT! Can't edit materials

Windows 10 updated today and I don’t know if it was that but my materials editor in Unreal 4.9.2 won’t allow me to edit. (See attachment) The material node just has the existing links and no other options. I placed a normals texture in the editor and there are no handles to link with. Did I press something I shouldn’t have? This is really serious. I have a large project to finish and I can’t do it. Please help! Thanks

Material editor fault.jpg

All my other projects are normal. It’s just the vital one thats affected. Don’t really know what I’ve done or how to correct it. Please help.

I’ve upgraded the project to 4.10.2 and the problem is still there.

OK pressed connectors and all was revealed. Project is as normal now :slight_smile: Panic is over (for now) OK move along, nothing to see here :slight_smile: