Could you or anybody else explain how am I supposed to use ‘Reverb Plugin Source Settings Base’ ??

Hey Bruno,

UReverbPluginSourceSettingsBase is only used if you’re using a reverb plugin that utilizes per-source settings. For example, Steam Audio has it’s own subclass of UReverbPluginSourceSettingsBase called UPhononReverbSourceSettings, which can then be set in attenuation settings (see photo 1). Spatialization and Occlusion also have support for custom source settings for plugins.

If you are designing a Reverb Plugin of your own, you can subclass UReverbPluginSourceSettingsBase and return it’s class by overriding IAudioReverbFactory::GetCustomReverbSettingsClass(). You will also need to make a factory for your reverb plugin settings class so that it can be created as an asset. In your reverb plugin’s OnInitSource callback, you’ll receive a pointer to your specific settings class if the user attached it.