URemote app - iphone 11 wont connect to unreal

Has anyone had any experience using URemote? It seems that all you do is add your IP address for your PC into the app and connect. But I can’t get it to connect at all.
Is this a unreal version issue? I know someone had it working in 4.23. Im using 4.24.1. Any advice(if I get any)would be great.

I have just started having issues connecting iphone 11 to UE4.25 also. All worked fine last week, but now I cannot get the curve data to send to UE on my main PC, works fine on Mac. The Live Link Curve Debugger is just not showing any connections? I ping the computer from phone fine and vice versa all seems to be connected. So odd, it was super stable, always connect without issue. But since yesterday, no luck.