Ureal engine is instable

Hello, today I make a blueprint (a target) but UE4 crashs. When I make blueprint or when build. I have UE 4.8.3. These crashs don’t happened in UE 4.7.
Have you a solution?

You’ve provided no information. What blueprint? Maybe supply a download of your project so others can try. What are your system specs, anything would be more useful to help identify the problem…

This is no the problem. UE 4.7.9 crashed rarely with my blueprint… I wish re-install a stable version. Here’s some images:
First person character:


The game:

thank you.

Curious. What are you system specs? And also what do you mean by crashing. Does the crash log pop up? What does it say? Or is the game ‘freezing?’

Does it crash when something overlaps? Also, what does “ajouter points” do?

Wow. In the time I’ve had UE4 (since maybe 4.2), it has crashed literally 3 or 4 times. I’d re-install or something.

Thank. I am truly sorry to spend so many time to respond. I have reinstalled UE 4.7.6 and I’d not problem.