Urbex Door Blueprints


Hey folks,

I’m about to finish my project and I would like you to tell me your honest and uncensored opinion about it.
I know that doors aren’t really hard to program but let’s be honest - everyone has started off small and spent hours on the internet looking for tutorials about very simple things like doors, right?
And for those of you who don’t want to lose any more time than necessary and those of you who’re still at the very beginning, I gladly present you ‘UrbEx Doors’.

Of course, the marketplace is full of awesome products but I did notice that there appears to be a lack of doors, so I decided to make some with the following focus on:
Drag&Drop, customization and a variety of gamestyles like FirstPerson, ThirdPerson-, TopDown- and in feature PointAndClick gameplay.

I offer you various doors which are designed to be fully functional after placing, fit in different kinds of situations and to be modified according to your wish.
Most of the value comes from the variety of the doors themselves as well as the inheritance of the parent class,
so if you’re in need for an even more specific door it’s easy to create your own.

Technical details:
As you can see the doors inherit everything from the superclass which enables easy customization.
On top of that, this inheritance allows you to easily change variables and functions for every door as you like,
while the implementation of an interface guarantees trouble-free interactions. For example, it prevents the concurrently interaction with multiple interactive objects.

Simple Nodes
Just call them within your Character Blueprint

Anti Framerate Abuse
It’s possible to abuse even simple doors for advantage just by drastically changing the framerates.
These kinds of mistakes appear by adding a value to the rotation of each frame without caring for the framerates.
To avoid those problems, my doors calculate the rotation depending on the deltatime.

Custom Collision
It might be worth mentioning the ability to stop the rotation of the door through blocking.
On one hand this offers many advantages for aesthethic aspects, which prevent from being teleported,
while on the other hand the player can’t get bugged into the next corner or climb between collisions(see picture below).

I really hope my doors simplify the level design flow and make things less frustrating.
Please give me some feedback, what do you think about it? Are there any more questions?
Would you be interested about this asset? Do you need more informations?

For more detailed informations I invite you to visit my ownwebsite, where you can find everything about my doors,
their functions as well as a short video which gives you a little sneak-peek about the looks.

(P.S. Sadly I wasn’t able to finish the GIFS due to the tragic death of my graphic card and I’m currently forced to use a very old replacement - so please excuse the ‘unfinished’ looks.)

Edit: fixed video link