Urban Warfare

Hey, I just finished quite a bit of work on my “Urban Warfare” portfolio environment that I have been working on and off for over 16 weeks. It was a lot of fun, but now its time to wrap it up! Unreal Engine dominates!!!:slight_smile:



Because this environment is so large, I made custom LOD’s for quite a few props to help optimize the performance.

Break Down

/// Landscape Props

Info: The Landscape props I made definitely play a big role in my scene. The trash helped detail the sidewalks and the grass helped with the terrain.

/// Props

Info: I made a lot of these props with different color variations to help give the scene a feel that there is more assets, then there actually is. Also I kept a lot of the models and textures very generic looking to prevent the feel of repetitiveness.

/// Modular Set

Info: I made all of the buildings modular pieces compatible with each other to help require less resources, but made sure there was plenty of variation.

This environment was a huge amount of work but I really enjoyed working on it!
I hope you like it! Feel free to leave feedback! :slight_smile:




See more on my artstation here: !;base64


Feel free let let me know how it looks or if it may need any improvements!

The ones on the top feel a little flat if that makes since they seem like they are missing bump or normal map details and the lighting seems a bit over the one on the bottom (latest one you posted) looks much more lively. The feel is there just needs a bit more bump/dirt imho.

Hey, Thanks for the feedback as it really helps me improve! Is it the sidewalk, asphalt or walls that feels flat to you? Or is it the overall image?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Here’s a video of the environment!