Urban Trash Pack Vol. 1 by Pixel Pilgrim - Available now!

Hello everyone,

Urban Trash Pack Volume 1 - now available on Marketplace!

Just a quick note to say that my trash pack is now live on the Marketplace :slight_smile:

Urban Trash Volume 1:
*A selection of high quality trash cans, garbage containers and debris, perfect for adding an authentic layer of grunge to urban environments. *

I built this asset pack with care and attention to detail. They’re built primarily to be used in desktop applications, but I’ve also included LOD models (and the textures can be mipped) for lower-end games.
Here are some images:

I received some really valuable feedback from members of this forum and I am looking at implementing some of the changes that were requested. There were some great suggestions that didn’t make it into the first submission, but I hope to add them in a future update. Thank you so much for viewing this post and for all the feedback so far!

Wow! Amazing work man! Good job! :smiley:

That’s very kind, thank you so much for the compliment :slight_smile:

[SIZE=4]Update:[/SIZE] I’ve just reduced the cost of this pack significantly, because I realized I was asking a little too much. [SIZE=3]This pack is now listed at the lower price of $29.99.[/SIZE]

Thank you all for your support and feedback so far!

It’s looking really good and will definitely be useful for me. I love it.

Thank you very much for the compliment, I’m glad you like the pack! :slight_smile:

So, I have two versions of this thread now, one with the prefix [SUBMITTED] and one with [RELEASED].

Does anyone know if it is possible to combine the threads into one to make things easier? I’m getting some great feedback on this pack, but it is going to different threads which seems silly.
Are we able to change a [SUBMITTED] prefix to a [RELEASED] prefix after a pack goes live?

Thanks again for all the comments so far folks (on both threads!)

Update: Urban Trash Pack Vol.1 is now on sale at 50% off!

(It should be listed at around $15 now, but I can’t tell for sure since I “own” the pack already :rolleyes:)