UR 4.11: Spline Component added in the construction script not editable in the editor

I am creating some splines in the construction script of my blueprint. There was no problem adding and editing a “pre-added” spline component. Now when adding the components with the “add spline component”-node, it does show in the editor and the spline points can be dragged around, but the spline mesh does not seem to correspond to that exact spline anymore. The reason for this seems to be, that the construction script adds a new component on each call, so on each change made. The new spline seems to get the old refference name, but somehow they lose connection.
I dont think this is meant to be. Also I can’t seem to find a workaround to this.
I have tested around with some public variables, for example filling an array with the splines created on each call of the construction script. With every change on the actor/blueprint an element with a “TRASH_SplineComponent_XYZ” was added, while the last element always reffered to the still active spline and always had the same refference name (“SplineComponent_338”).
Any hints on how to solve this problem would be highly appreciated. =)

How many splines do you want? If you only want one spline component generated by the construction script use the do once node to ensure that the add spline component operation is only triggered once.
I know this question was posted some time ago but since it doesn’t have an answer I thought I would post.