Upvote/Downvote! Nice!

Simply put, it looks awesome! I’ve always wanted to thumbs up a good post :slight_smile:
I just hope it won’t do the whole reddit thing, aka sort posts that way… it kinda turns it into reddit not a forum c:

Here’s a question about these forums: Is it possible to notify me if a post I commented on/made has been commented on? Cause I always have to dig… this seems like such an obvious feature I’m assuming that I’m just an idiot and cannot find it. Any tips xD

I like new features on forums, it’s so exciting :smiley: :smiley:

Thanks! Sorting is only there as an option for those that wish to use it. We’re absolutely not changing the standards and conventional use of the forums here :slight_smile:

I’m curious about notifications as well, on whether a thread or post you made has received an up or down vote? Other than that everything looks great. Keep up the good work Chance!

We’ve talked about notifications, though they’re no small ask for implementation :slight_smile: Something I’d love and not an impossibility, just not currently on a slate at this point.

As mentioned above, no notifications at this time. I can chat with the team to see how we can better surface your received votes, though!

In case you didn’t know, can subscribe to a thread by clicking on the thread tools button, and choosing to subscribe. 1e8ee41d44.png

Do they add up for magical internet points on my account? :wink:


Heads up, looks like it’s not auto-reflecting on reply votes. The team is looking into it :cool:

Cool, just throwing it out there. The fact that we have up votes alone is enough. =)

Do you mean when we click on the arrows the upvote/ downvote number doesn’t change?

If so yeah would be best for everything to work like StackExchange, whereby the moment a user clicks the arrow, the vote count number is changed.

Thanks for implementing the voting system…!

The numbers actually are supposed to instantly change, it just seems as if sometimes nothing happens when clicking them.

Looks bad on mobile- the arrows and vote counter are distracting. It’s the first thing you see if trying to read a post.

We’ll see what we can do about it!

That is the desired behavior, it’s just not working for everyone right now. We’re looking into why!

Cheers… I think start with the individual posts having upvote and downvote, I don’t think the threads themselves need upvoting or downvoting (yet).

Also, threads already have a five-star rating system.

Not that anyone uses it. :slight_smile: