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strong textHi all,
I just join a few hours ago and know nothing about Unreal Engine yet, I be trying to follow the Tutorials on here and have notice that they are made in different version of Unreal Engine and its real hard to work out how to follow these when the tutorials are mostly in version 4.8 and I am using version 4.18, is there a series of tutorials that more up to date available on Unreal engine ?

I have look through the download of older Engine and found one marked 4.8.3 not sure if right one to use ?

Thanks for Time

Stephen (Trytus58)

Most tutorials span across different versions of Unreal and most people are usually updating to the latest versions of the engine so you won’t find a large number of tutorials that only concentrate on a single version, and most of Unreal’s functions are improved in the newer updates so rather than downloading and learning with an older version I think the best way to handle it is if something in 4.18 is different from a tutorial your following then try and find out how it can be done in 4.18, its usually as simple as asking in the answer-hub or the forums, that way you’ll always be up to date.

*Thanks for your reply, I will try to do as you suggest, but only been a member for few hours, so I might struggle with that.
I have found some more up to date tutorials on Youtube but they are confusing in most part, but that more than likely to lack of experience of using unreal. I real looking forward to learning this really gd engine.

Thanks for input and answer, Most kind

UE 4.18.3

if you havent already try turning on annotations for the video tutorials from epic. ive seen in many where they annotate where things have changed and what to do in the event of changes. good luck

Thank you all for the help people. This question is closed now but I do not know how close it down :slight_smile: