Upsurge Studios - AAA, VR, Serious Game Art Outsourcing (Ex Fromsoftware Staff)

Upsurge Studios is a premium art outsourcing studio based in Canberra, Australia. We focus on providing a wide range of quality services in both the entertainment and e-learning industries.
Our goal is to create immersive visuals based on our exact client needs with absolutely no compromise in quality at an affordable price. We are a tight knit team of handpicked, game industry veterans who live and breath our art form. We are also proud pioneers in next gen 3D graphic creation in Australia.
Thanks to our broad range of skills, we can handle projects of any size, and style while maintaining a rigorous schedule.

We Offer:
We strive to adapt to our clients workflows to fit in seamlessly with new or existing projects. Our biggest strength derives from our experience with AAA game production in an always changing and rapidly evolving industry. Our purpose is to deliver the highest quality services while adhering to tight deadlines. Regardless of size and scope, if you have an idea, or something in particular that you require help with, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • **Level Design: **Optimised, real-time environments for games and cinematics.
  • **Props & Hard Surface Models: **We can handle time consuming ‘hero’ props, high poly sculpts and damaged models.
  • **Character Design: **Believable and interesting characters are essential for any form of entertainment, especially interactive games.
  • **Serious Games & e - Learning: **We create educational experiences in VR and also serious games for training purposes.
  • **Virtual & Augmented Reality: **We can engineer stimulating VR and AR experiences for mobile devices and also for high end HMD’s such as the Vive and Oculus.
  • **Concept Design: **Our talented 2D artists are versed in both traditional and modern digital design skills.

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Game ready Boxer CRV

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We had the pleasure of working with Davevillz on the awesome Pavlov VR game. While it is still in early access, in is an insanely fun game to play and a great experience overall.
Our team took care of Art Direction, Level Design, all of the Textures, Props, Materials and Lighting. We also did optimizations for smooth running on a variety of VR HMD’s, and some VFX.
Check the game out here: Pavlov VR on Steam
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