Upside-down post processing effect on mobile

As the title suggests, I am having issues with post-processing effects on mobile: the outlines, when I launch the game on mobile, flip vertically and create some glitchy lines. However, this is not the case when the game is played on PC.
Here is a comparison: (The game is still in development, there’s a lot of stuff missing.)

What it looks like on PC (I obviously added that text in an image editor):

What it looks like on mobile:

If you want to download it (there’s an unused cel shader):

I’m having same issue on android. Post process material with scene depth and pixel depth is upside down only on mobile device. Looks fine in mobile preview. Any answers?

Hey, I found the issue… I was using a standard Scene Depth node which has the inverted issue on mobile. So I swapped it out for a Scene Texture: Scene Depth which works fine. I’m not sure the difference but hopefully it works for you too :slight_smile:

I tried it, but it comes up with an error message. Do u have a fix? :frowning:

And no, it doesn’t work.

I submitted a bug report for this a while back:

It should be fixed in 4.21

Alright, I’ll check once I’ve got back to that project.