UPROPERTY with a simple button

UPROPERTY is an easy way to handle parameters without xtra GUI programming.
Would be great to also have a button in the Details panel.
I’m currently using a checkbox to call functions and will check enums with a single item, haha.

What is the most simple way to have a button in a property row without writing an IPropertyTypeCustomization?

There isn’t any other way as far as I know. I’m not sure what you mean by handling parameters, but a property is a data member on your class, and will use up memory for every instance of that class. So you shouldn’t be using one just as a mechanism for performing some action within the editor.

If you don’t want to write a customisation, there is the Blutility system. That allows you to create functions that can be called in the editor via a button. But it won’t appear within the details panel, and the system is experimental and still very much work in progress.

@kamrann, I use this for a singleton manager, so no problem with instances.
Already wrote customiziations - but wanted to ask, if there are other ideas, or something I overlooked.

The property system is great, but the available controls are limited.
For example a dynamic array displayed as listbox would be great.

Yeah, Slate has lots of controls under the hood, but you have to use the customization system to really do anything.
It’s true that it would be nice if there was a bit more control customization built in for common scenarios, or easily accessible through metadata specifiers. You have stuff like UIMin/UIMax, EditCondition, etc. but there aren’t that many.