UPROPERTY on TStaticBitArray not supported?

I’m trying to create a TStaticBitArray that’s a UPROPERTY, but it’s giving me the error "Unrecognized type ‘TStaticBitArray’ ". After finding a couple others that had this issue with different variable types, I was able to get it to compile just by removing UPROPERTY.

It seems odd that it doesn’t work, since I know TArray does. How can I get it to work with UPROPERTY? Is it possible? Or is there another bit array type with similar usability I can use instead?

Version: UE 4.7.1

did you find an answer to that?

same happens to me in 4.18

Still experiencing this in 4.20.3 (most likely 4.21 as well). I don’t need this one to be a UPROPERTY, but it’s only a matter of time before that changes.

Have you tried using a non-static TBitArray?

If UHT only give you error then yes, it means reflection system does not support it and oyu can’t really do much about it, other then potentially adding support to it, which require creating UProperty class for it and modifying UHT code so it registers the property, or struct with custom panel(?). Array of bools is the closest UPROPERTY supported alternative you can get.

But ask yourself if you really need UPROPERTY()? there no property editor support anyway and type itself does not require any cleaning as it’s name suggest statically declared type so everything gets deleted together with host object