UProperty categories containing subcategories will always appear in the details panel when selecting a component

When selecting a component in a blueprint, any categories that also have subcategories will appear in the details panel along with the component’s details. This was occurring in my own project and I was able to reproduce it in a new Third person project (though an empty one should also work).

Reproduction Steps

  1. Create a new Third person template project in 4.12 (optional).
  2. Open the ThirdPersonCharacter Blueprint (or create a new one and add any component to it).
  3. Add a new variable and set it’s category to any subcategory (ie: “MyCategory|SubCat”).
  4. Compile the blueprint.
  5. Ensure you have the details panel open (Window → Details Panel).
  6. Click on the CharacterMovement component (or any component) and look at the details panel. Among the properties of the component you will see the variable you just made.

Details panel before adding the variable:


Adding the variable:


Details panel after adding the variable (step 3):
Note: the “CustomCodeCategory” was added in the BP’s base class to test if it happened from code too.


Hey tstaples-

I was able to reproduce the behavior you described and have entered the report UE-34536 for further investigation. As a note I only noticed this when selecting a default component, components that are added after the blueprint is created don’t show the variable. You can view the status of this report here: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-34536)


By default do you mean inherited? Because I tried it with a custom component that is created in the base class and it also occurs. Only when the component is added from blueprint does the reported issue not occur.

Yes, I would expect an inherited component to behave the same. By default I was referring to any component that is present in the blueprint when the blueprint is created.


Any news on this bug ? The issue still occurs in 4.21

The report is still unresolve as far as I can . Is it plan to fix it for this version in a patch ?

Have a nice day